Play Therapy

Play therapy is a therapeutic intervention style that meets children at their level to bring about change and healing. Rather than expecting children to verbally engage in sessions, to resolve their presenting problems and discuss coping strategies, the act of play can achieve the same results.

Play is the “language” which children use, while toys are their “words.”

Dr. Garry L. Landreth

Why do kids need play therapy?

  • Play is the most natural form of communication for a child.
  • We can witness it every day in schools and on playgrounds.
  • No one has to teach a child to play–they simply do it.
  • Play allows children to express their feelings, build social skills, and relieve stress. It lets them show and respond to what they’ve experienced, such as family dynamics, cultural values, and roles.
  • During a session, child clients can play out major events, such as parents’ divorce or the birth of a new sibling, using doll families and houses, baby dolls, sand tray, and toys.
Animal miniatures for play therapy